Welcome to Securimail (beta)!

Update 05/05/15 - Sorry, I've had to bring this temporarily down because of abuse - I'll harden it up and re-enable it - sorry for any inconvenience.

Securimail allows you to encrypt emails - without the recipient having the necessary certificates or software installed. This means you can send private emails from your office or public access network without having to worry about evesdroppers.

Securimail requires one of the following email clients:

You cannot send emails using Securimail with a webmail client (Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc), but of course you can receive emails.

There are three simple steps to using Securimail:

OneInstall the Securimail Root Certificate here.

TwoSend a blank email message to securimail@prinet.net. You will receive an email with full instructions.

ThreeSecurimail will instantly create an account for you with your own S/MIME certificate. You can then begin to send encrypted mails to anyone!

Securimail is looking for Beta testers! Please email beta@bacik.org if you would like to participate.

Email beta@prinet.net for more information.

(c) Alex Bacik